On 4 September 2009 GUAM Secretary General Mr. Valeri Chechelashvili visited Prague upon the invitation of MFA of Czech Republic

13/10/2009 14:50

In the course of visit negotiations took place with the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Tom?? Pojar. Director of Northern and Eastern Europe Department Mr. Martin Ko?atka and Director of Bilateral Economic Relations and Export Promotion Mr. Martin Dvo??k participated in negotiation from Czech side.
During the meeting issues of cooperation in the GUAM – Czech Republic format were discussed, as well as process of implementation of decisions, agreed during the GUAM – Czech Republic meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs in Helsinki on 4 December 2008, common projects and programs of cooperation and perspectives of interaction.
The Sides decided to facilitates efforts for the elaboration and implementation of common projects. The Czech side also expressed its readiness to back cooperation in Vishegrad group – GUAM format.