GUUAM Participating States, hereinafter referred to as “the Parties”,

Wishing to develop mutual cooperation and exchange of information of problems related to trade and transportation, in order to facilitate trade and transportation within GUUAM;

Reaffirming common aspiration to simplify border and customs procedure, unify and harmonize border and customs legislation for the purpose of strengthening cooperation and increase of volumes of trade among GUUAM Participating States, strengthen the fight against terrorism, smuggling, customs offences and corruption in the course of border crossing;

Underlining their adherence to the GUUAM Project on Trade and Transportation Facilitation, hereinafter referred to as the PTTF, which is partially funded by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Development Association and other creditors and donors;

Have agreed as follows:

Article 1 – Goals

The basic goals of this Memorandum shall be:

  • Broadening of interstate and interagency cooperation on facilitation and securing trade and transportation;
  • Ensuring implementation and application of common principles of trade and transportation facilitation that meet international norms;
  • Improvement of the system of efficient and effective border and customs control at state borders and internal customs terminals, which would promote the increase of flow of passengers and goods, protection of intellectual property, ensure collection of relevant duties and fees, and prevention of economic offenses and smuggling;
  • Implementation of the third Chapter of the GUUAM – U.S. Framework Program on Trade and Transportation Facilitation, Customs and Border Management, Fight Against Terrorism, Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking.

Article 2 – Common obligations

Each Party shall in due time inform other Parties about implementation of any project that is component of the PTTE,

Article 3 – Steering Committee

The Parties shall establish the Steering Committee for the purpose of joint supervision over implementation of the PTTF; it shall be comprised of one high-level representative from each Party appointed by the Governments of the Parties.

The Steering Committee shall hold regular meetings at least once every three months. The Steering Committee Secretariat shall be established under the GUUAM Information Office for the purposes of practical implementation of the PTTE The Statue of the Steering Committee and of the Steering Committee Secretariat shall be approved by the Committee of National Coordinators of GUUAM Participating States.

Article 4 – Implementation

The activity under the PTTF shall be based on the Regional Strategy and Action Plan, which shall be developed until the end of 2003.

Article 5 – Final provisions

This Memorandum shall be of indefinite duration; it shall enter into force on the date of signature. If legislation of any Party requires completion of domestic procedures for the Memorandum to enter into force, it shall enter into force for such Party on the date of notification of the Depositary of completion of the relevant procedures.

This Memorandum shall be open for accession of third parties. Requests for accession shall be drawn up in the form of written application to the Depositary. This Memorandum shall enter into force for each applying State on the date of receipt from the Depositary of written notification of consent of the Parties to this Memorandum.

The Government of Ukraine shall be the Depositary of this Memoran¬dum.

Done at Yalta on 4 July 2003 in a single copy in the English and Russian languages, both texts being equally authentic.