Organization for Democracy and Economic Development-GUAM (hereinafter – GUAM) is an international regional organization which includes the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

The GUAM has passed several stages of institutional development.

І. GUAM Advisory Forum

It was founded on 10 October 1997 during the Second Council of Europe Summit in Strasbourg.

ІІ. GUAM Association

It was founded on 7 June 2001 after the signing of the GUUAM Yalta Charter during the Summit of Heads of State.

III. Organization for Democracy and Economic Development-GUAM

It was established on 23 May 2006 at the Kyiv Summit during which the Heads of State signed the Organization’s Charter.

According to the Charter, the GUAM main goals are strengthening of democratic values, ensuring the supremacy of law and respect for human rights; ensuring sustainable development; strengthening international and regional security and stability; deepening European integration for the creation of a common security space and the enlargement of economic and humanitarian cooperation; developing of socio-economic, transport, energy, scientific, technical and humanitarian potential; stimulating of political interaction and practical cooperation in fields of mutual interest.

The structure of the Organization includes the Council and the Secretariat. The Council is the major body of the Organization. It conducts its work at the levels of Heads of State (Summit), Foreign Ministers, National Coordinators and Permanent Representatives.

In accordance with the Kyiv Summit decisions, the Secretariat of the Organization headed by the Secretary General was established in Kyiv. The GUAM Information Office in Kyiv performed the Secretariat’s functions before its establishment.

Coordination of cooperation at the sectoral level is vested in Working Groups. Acting on a permanent or temporary basis Working and Subsidiary Bodies of the Organization are established by a decision of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

In order to develop the business cooperation, the GUAM Business Council operates in the Organization.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the GUAM was established in 2004 which includes three committees: political; trade and economic; science, culture and education.

GUAM Member States cooperate at the level of international organizations, in particular, the UN and the OSCE. GUAM was granted observer status in the UN General Assembly in 2003.

The GUAM cooperates actively with other states. In accordance with the GUAM-US Framework Program to Promote Trade and Transport, Ensure Border and Customs Control, Combating Terrorism, Crime and the Spread of Drugs, with the assistance of the US, the SECI Center, experts from Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, a number of joint projects were implemented by the GUAM Member States. In particular, the GUAM Virtual Center for Combating Terrorism, Crime, the Spread of Drugs and other types of crimes has been established.

There is an observer status and a partner in the GUAM. The Organization declares its openness to cooperation with third countries and international organizations that share its goals and principles and are also ready to participate in the implementation of joint initiatives.