On 15-16 December 2008, the 10th regular meeting of the Working Group on Combating Terrorism, Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking (WGCTOC) held in the GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv at the level of experts. The Working Group discussed the fulfillment of 2008 Plan of WGCTOC Organizational and Practical Activities, agreed and recommended the GUAM Council of National Coordinators to approve such a Plan for 2009.
The WGCTOC agreed with the necessity to confirm as quick as possible already signed in Helsinki on 4 December 2008 the Protocol to the Agreement on Cooperation among the GUUAM Participating States in the Field of Combat against Terrorism, Organized Crime and Other Dangerous Types of Crimes of 20 July 2002 as well as to hold the meeting of experts with the purpose to start practical implementation of the project, agreed between GUAM and the US, on modernizing national segments of the GUAM Interstate Information Management System (IIMS).
During the meeting, the experts exchanged with interest their views on further improvement of the activity of the WGCTOC, its relevant sub-groups and the GUAM Virtual Law-Enforcement Centre and IIMS.
In accordance with the decision of the GUAM Council of Ministers for Foreign Affairs, Georgia became the country-coordinator of the WGCTOC for the years 2009-2010.