The 11th meeting of the Working Subgroup on Combating Corruption and Money Laundering was held on October 9-10, 2014 on the premises of GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv, which was attended by national delegations from all the GUAM Member States.
The participants discussed vital issues of strengthening of cooperation of the competent bodies of their respective States in the relevant spheres.

In particular, presentation of Course on the detection and investigation of the laundering of crime proceeds using virtual currencies, elaborated within the frame of the joint GUAM/UNODC project “Strengthening capacities of the GUAM Member States to cooperate at the national and regional levels in combating money laundering as well as in seizing and confiscating crime proceeds” was delivered during this event.

The next meeting of the Subgroup is scheduled to be convened in April 2015.