The 16th Meeting of the Working Subgroup on Combating Corruption and Money Laundering was held on April 27-28, 2017 on the premises of GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv, under the chair of the Georgian Side.

The delegations discussed situation and shared information on operative activities of the competent bodies of GUAM Member States.

The participants took note of the information delivered by the business – ombudsman of Ukraine on the operation pattern of his Office.

The Sides noted the importance and practical value of the “Basic Manual on the detection and Investigation of the Laundering of Crime Proceeds Using Virtual Currencies” that was prepared in the frame of the GUAM-UNODC joint project and agreed on the follow-up activities on experience sharing in this sphere.

The next meeting of the Subgroup is scheduled to be convened on October 5-6, 2017.