April 25-26 2019, the 22nd Meeting of the Working Subgroup on Combating Terrorism (WGSCT) was held in Kyiv, on the premises of the GUAM Secretariat, whereas a representative of Azerbaijan chaired its session. Delegations of all the Members States of the Organization took part in the session.

The Working Subgroup, in particular, devoted much of its attention to the issues of development of national legislation which was found pivotal to addressing terrorist threats, discouraging the recruitment of extremists and their trafficking abroad for perpetrating terrorist attacks.

Delegations underlined the high level of information exchange offered throughout their GUAM cooperation, benefitting national efforts of GUAM Member States in combating terrorism.

Moreover, members of the Subgroup underscored the necessity to consider the issue of rehabilitation practices applied in relation to foreign fighters in the frame of their future meetings.

The Working Subgroup will hold its next meeting in October-November 2019 in the GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv.