On December 16th 2010 the 3rd Meeting of the Working Group on Information Technologies (WGIT) took place in GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv with the participation of the respective ministries of GUAM member states, Permanent Representative of Georgia in GUAM Mr. M.Antadze and GUAM Program Coordinator Mr. S.Temirov.

WGIT, in particular, decided to provide systematical exchange of information on legislation improvement, the statistical data, macro figures and realized projects in the field of information technologies, to offer propositions on elaboration of Draft Strategy on establishment of common information space of GUAM member states, to hold joint session of the Working groups on culture, science and education and on information technologies to develop remote education network in GUAM member states, to facilitate coordination of actions on agreement of positions between GUAM member states during their participation at the international sectoral activities and also to provide information about current potential of professionals and experts’ preparation in the field of information technologies.

WGIT agreed to draw next Working Group meeting in the first half of year 2011. Date and venue of the next Meeting will be agreed through diplomatic channels.