On April 17-18, 2012, the GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv, Ukraine hosted the 8th meeting of the Working Sub-Group on Combating Terrorism (WGSCT), which took place under Azerbaijan’s chairmanship.

The delegations exchanged information on the operational situation and measures taken by the GUAM member states in terms of preventing and combating terrorism, including the guaranteeing of security for the upcoming Eurovision 2012 competition in Azerbaijan and the UEFA European Football Championship in Ukraine.

The Working Sub-Group agreed on the proposals submitted by the GUAM the Working Group on Emergencies to organise meetings for the representatives of relevant state bodies in disaster response in the context of preventing terrorist threats and mitigation of any possible consequences, as well as in counteracting chemical, biological and nuclear terrorism.

The delegations agreed on practical issues in order to initiate cooperation in terms of counteracting cyberterrorism.

The outcomes of the meeting were reflected in the resultant Protocol. The next meeting of the Working Sub-Group is scheduled to take place in October 2012 in Baku.