Council of Heads of State of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development – GUAM,

Guided by the Charter of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development – GUAM (hereinafter GUAM) as well as the principles and norms of international law,

Cognizant that ten years ago the GUAM States united in determination to stand jointly against common risks and threats to peace, security and stability,

Recognizing with satisfaction that during these years GUAM successfully developed vision of its strategic objectives, enlarged the scope of cooperation up to horizons of economic, parliamentary, cultural and humanitarian interaction and transformed to a full-fledged international regional organization,

Underlining that reliable foundation of cooperation based on the commonality of interests and principles of equal rights, mutual respect and support has ensured entering GUAM into international life and created conditions for developing its trans-regional role as an international structure, which brings continents together,

Welcoming internationally wide participation at the highest level at the Baky Summit and considering it as an evidence of growing support to GUAM and promising perspectives for its cooperation with the partner-countries and other international organizations,

Emphasizing that such a cooperation is implemented in the interests to provide democratic stability and dynamic development of GUAM States in all spheres and plays an exceptionally positive role in the process of their global and regional integration,

Highly appreciating spiritual and cultural heritage of the peoples of GUAM countries and expressing readiness to promote values of cultural and ethnic diversity and consolidate the spirit of tolerance,

Expressing deep concern with regard to the ongoing crises and growing security challenges ensuing from international terrorism, aggressive separatism and extremism and other related dangerous crimes, and in this connection drawing attention of the international community to complexity, gravity and scale of these problems encountered by the GUAM States,

  1. Reiterates its determination to expand cooperation with a view to promote democratic values, the rule of law and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, attain sustainable social and economic development and ensure security and stability in the GUAM region.
  2. Declares its unswerving strife to develop the GUAM regional significance and identity by consolidating common interests and deepening sector cooperation. Considers it necessary to fully engage social and economic, transport, energy, scientific and technical, humanitarian, legislative and law-enforcement capacities of the Member States with a view to create a common space of integration and security in the GUAM region. In this regard, Strategy for sector cooperation development is adopted.
  3. Welcomes growing interest of other states and international organizations in establishing partnership and deepening mutually beneficial cooperation with GUAM and tasks to undertake active measures to develop all-European, Transatlantic, Black Sea, Trans-Caspian and Asian directions of GUAM activity.
  4. Emphasizes the key geographical position and strategic importance of the GUAM Member States, whose territories constitute a natural corridor linking Europe and Asia. With the aim of overall development of this corridor instructs to intensify efforts in engaging transit capacity of GUAM and attracting international support and investments. Stresses, in this context, the importance of harmonizing legislation, eliminating barriers to economic and commercial relations, developing infrastructure, deepening cooperation to ensure the effectiveness and security of transport corridors, to fight jointly terrorism, organized crime, drug trafficking and other dangerous crimes.
  5. Expresses the intention to actively participate in strengthening global energy security, support further efforts to find new hydrocarbon sources, the readiness to avail the Member States’ territories for transportation of these resources to the world markets, underlines the necessity to cooperate further in exploring and developing alternative and renewable energy sources.
  6. Declares the importance of the development of inter-communal and inter-confessional dialogue and protection of the rights of persons belonging to national minorities within the internationally recognized borders of states for solving conflicts, maintaining international security, strengthening mutual understanding and creating favorable conditions for harmonized development of global and regional integration, and instructs to work out relevant international initiatives of GUAM.
  7. Confirms the necessity to continue joint active measures for settling protracted conflicts in the GUAM region on the basis of respect to the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of internationally recognized borders of states and in accordance with the provisions of the Joint Declaration of the Heads of State of GUAM on the issue of conflict settlement, as well as the importance of mobilizing support of international community for the solution of these conflicts. Expresses conviction in the solution of conflicts by means of reintegration of the affected territories into the political, legal and social and economic system of state, their full rehabilitation, return of displaced persons to the places of their permanent residence, restoration of transport communications and ensuring the peaceful co-existence and cooperation between the communities in these territories as having no alternative and being just and lasting.
  8. Underlines with satisfaction the transformation of GUAM into the international regional organization, including the establishment of its Secretariat, and especially emphasizes that the Baky Summit takes place in the year of 10th anniversary of GUAM. In this regard, requests the Party holding chairmanship in cooperation with the Secretariat to hold international celebratory events with participation of Member States.