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November 27, 2019, the 12th session of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly was held in Kyiv, Ukraine, chaired by the Head of the delegation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly.

The parliamentary delegations of all GUAM Member States and the President of the Baltic Assembly as a guest took part in the session.

The Parliamentary Assembly welcomed the 12th session that took place in a spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding with the participation of authorized representatives of partner organizations, observers and high-level guests which demonstrated the growing significance and impact of the GUAM PA on the system of regional parliamentarism.

The Parliamentary Assembly emphasized the sustainable nature of cooperation between the parliaments of the four states and reaffirmed the consistency and significance of the interaction within the Organization for strengthening friendship, mutual assistance and good-neighbourliness. This partnership is based on common positions regarding strategic important issues of the international agenda, adherence to universally recognized norms and principles of international law, common goals in the establishment and protection of democratic and universal values, as well as taking into account the long-term interests of political interaction and the importance of trade, economic, scientific, technical and cultural cooperation. The parliamentarians expressed their firm intention to increase and deepen the political and legal interaction, mutually beneficial trade and economic cooperation as well as humanitarian contacts between people of the member states, upholding the fundamental principles of the Organization, in accordance with its statutory documents and decisions of the highest bodies aimed at protecting common interests in the political, sectoral and parliamentary dimensions of the GUAM.

The delegations expressed their deep concern on the ongoing unresolved conflicts on the territories of the GUAM member states. These conflicts undermine the state sovereignty and territorial integrity of our states, have a detrimental effect on economic development and pose a threat to peace and regional security in general. The parliamentarians called for strengthening activity concerning raising awareness, revitalizing the information exchange on issues of a threat to regional security and unresolved conflicts.

The Assembly participants reiterated their firm conviction that the settlement of conflicts on the GUAM area should be carried out solely based on universally recognized principles and norms of international law, respect of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of the internationally recognized borders of the GUAM Member States. The Parliamentary Assembly appealed to all international partners to demonstrate solidarity and promote in possible way the speedy settlement of existing protracted armed conflicts on the territories of the GUAM Member States recognizing that the territory of the state cannot be the object of acquisition by another State as a result of the threat or use of force, and that no territorial acquisition, military occupation or annexation, as a result of such an act, are not legal and have no power.

The parliamentarians praised the contribution of the GUAM PA partners – international parliamentary forums and organizations to the development of cooperation and the positive role of joint initiatives in line with global geopolitical processes that have a profound impact on the economic and political situation in the region aimed at creation of a comprehensive cooperation platform ensuring the conditions for establishing area of peace, economic prosperity and success.

Expressing its commitment to this strategic partnership based on mutual respect, trust and support, the GUAM PA is pleased to note the results achieved in coordinating the actions and manifestations of the solidarity of the GUAM PA parliamentarians in the international arena.

Recognizing the challenges to the peace and new opportunities connected with the implementation of innovative technologies, the parliamentarians appealed to focus on information and, in particular, cybersecurity in the GUAM region. In this regard, the GUAM PA called for strengthening digital communication between the member states, intensifying activity on the early signing of a Memorandum governing cooperation among the member states in cybersecurity, as well as working on the creation of the GUAM cybersecurity education centre for exchanging experience among the member states and attracting partner countries in the format GUAM+.

Assessing the perspectives of development and strengthening of sectoral cooperation between the GUAM Member States, the participants of the Assembly stressed the need to consolidate efforts for its further development and welcomed joint efforts to prepare the GUAM Plan to Promote Sectoral Cooperation planned for adoption at the 35th Meeting of the GUAM Council of Foreign Ministers. In particular, the parliamentarians noted the importance of developing and implementing targeted projects and programs based on the implementation of the transport and transit potential of the GUAM Member States that territories form a natural corridor linking the European and Asian continents. In this context, the delegations emphasized the paramount importance of speed implementing the GUAM Transport Corridor Concept and the Agreement on the creation of the GUAM Free Trade Area.

The Parliamentary Assembly reaffirmed its intention to make efforts to deepen inter-parliamentary cooperation in order to strengthen and expand partnerships in science and technology, standardization, metrology, conformity assessment and accreditation, customs and border services, law enforcement, disaster and emergency management, education, culture, tourism, youth and sports.

The Parliamentary Assembly reiterated its intention to continue developing and strengthening of trust and mutually beneficial relations with time-tested international partners – the Baltic Assembly, the Benelux Assembly, the Nordic Council, the Visegrad Group and other international and regional interparliamentary associations to ensure protection and promotion of the common interests.

The Parliamentary Assembly appealed to the Baltic Assembly to consider the possibility of closer participation in the GUAM regional projects and initiatives with common goals and interests.

The Parliamentary Assembly took note of the results of the meetings of the relevant committees of the GUAM PA and the reports on their activity.

The Parliamentary Assembly expressed its gratitude to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for providing all necessary conditions for the fruitful work of the Assembly as well as for the cordiality and hospitality extended to the delegations of the GUAM Member States during their stay in Ukraine.

The Parliamentary Assembly also expressed gratitude to the Secretariat of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development – GUAM for assistance in the conduct of the Parliamentary Assembly.

The Parliamentary Assembly decided to transfer the Chairmanship in the GUAM PA to the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The dates and venue of the 13th Session of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly in 2020 will be coordinated through diplomatic channels.

Adopted in Kyiv, Ukraine, November 27, 2019.