Unofficial translation

The Council of Ministers for foreign affairs of GUUAM participating states,

Taking into account the importance of development of cooperation in the field of trade and transportation in the framework of GUUAM;

Confirming the common commitment to simplification of border and customs procedures, harmonization of border and customs legislation, aimed at strengthening of cooperation and increasing of trade volumes between GUUAh4 participating states, intensification of combating smuggling, violations of customs rules, corruption and all the types of criminal acts, committed on the borders;

Approved the GUUAM Regional strategy and Action plan on implementation of trade and transport facilitation projects (TTFP) agreed by the Steering committee on implementation of the TTFP on 20-21 April 2004 and by the Committee of National Coordinators on 26 June 2004 in Istanbul.

Done in Istanbul on 28 June 2004 in one original copy in Russian language.