On 4-5 February 2010, regular expert meeting of the GUAM Member States Border Control Authorities took place in the GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv under the Ukrainian chairmanship.

The experts comprehensively discussed with the participation of the representative of the US Embassy, one of the GUAM partner countries, the implementation within the GUAM-USA Framework Program of a sub-project on modernizing vehicles checking at the border check-points along the GUAM Transport Corridor. In particular, they clarified the needs of border check-points in equipping with necessary technical means. In connection with this, the experts will continue to consider issues of the appropriate training of border check points personal.

The experts considered also the possibilities of cooperation between GUAM and the OSCE in area of border control as well as deemed it reasonable to initiate within the Eastern Partnership technical assistance project on border security of the GUAM Transport Corridor.