Dear Followers and Supporters of GUAM,

As you may have noticed, the recent proposition of President of Ukraine H.E. Mr V. Zelenskyy to transform GUAM into an important regional platform for economic cooperation have caused ambiguous reaction and opinions, in their majority not supportive of the idea. For whatever reasons and motivations, these comments revealed somewhat biased views and approaches, not reflective of the true aims and objectives of GUAM.

Therefore, I decided to write an article on GUAM in support of the call of President V. Zelenskyy, explaining why this appeal is timely and important. Moreover, its timing coincides with the escalation of the tensions in the region, torn by the imposed conflicts on the territories of the GUAM member states with known tragic consequences.

I hope that the analysis and info provided is useful.

We would highly appreciate Your comments or suggestions!

Full text of the article, prepared by the GUAM Secretary General, Ambassador Altai Efendiev.

The text was published in the Journal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan «Diplomatiya Aləmi» («World of Diplomacy»), № 55, 2020, p. 97-105.