Constitutive session of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly was held in Kiev 23 September 2004. The session adopted the Declaration on Establishment of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly and the Rules of Procedure thereof.

The Second Session of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly (28 May 2005, Yalta) set up three committees: political, trade and economic, and on science, culture and education. Members of the Parliamentary Assembly welcomed decisions of Kishinev Summit of GUAM Heads of State and expressed their commitment to give parliamentary support for the follow up to Summit’s decisions aimed at strengthening democracy, stability and security in the region.

They expressed concern with such current threats to democratic development of GUAM Member States as international terrorism, aggressive separatism, international organized crime, and outstanding conflicts in a number of GUAM countries. Participants emphasized the need in working out efficient actions to overcome these phenomena based on the rules of international law.

Speakers of parliaments supported establishing cooperation among parliaments of GUAM Member States in parliamentary assemblies of the Council of Europe, OSCE, ОBSEC, and NATO, and expressed their intention to arrange for cooperation with the European Parliament as well.

They shared the view that the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly may become an effective tool of parliamentary diplomacy at regional and all-European levels for the purpose of promoting creation of common space in the Black Sea – Caspian region to strengthen democracy, security, and deepen economic, transport, scientific, cultural, and other types of cooperation.

Members of Lithuanian, Latvian, and Romanian parliaments expressed their support for the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly and the need in strengthening inter-parliamentary cooperation in the Baltic – Black Sea region, including cooperation in the field of European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

The Session of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly was held in the UN Headquarters 8 September 2005 within the framework of the Second World Conference of Chairmen of Parliaments, and demonstrated that GUAM parliamentary dimension had strengthened.

Committees of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly held their sessions 27 September of the current year in Kishinev. Political Committee discussed issues related to transformation of the GUAM in an international organization and considered results of the Tenth session of the GUAM Council of Foreign Ministers.