GUAM Secretariat Program Coordinator on Political-Legal Issues Mr. Georgii Nazarov took part in the 14th meeting of the Council’s of Europe Committee of Experts on Terrorism (CODEXTER) taking place in Strasbourg on 7-9 April 2008, where he made a presentation on GUAM Member States cooperation in sphere of law-enforcement and security and the activity of GUAM Virtual Centre on Combating Terrorism, Organized Crime, Drug Trafficking and Other Dangerous Types of Crime.

It was the first official participation of the GUAM representative as an observer in the work of the CODEXTER following the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe appropriate decision of 29 February 2008 on that issue. Earlier, status of an observer in the CODEXTER was granted to the European Commission and Secretariat General of the Council of the European Union, United Nations, International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), Europol, OSCE, OAS, International Committee of the Red Cross as well as Canada, Holy See, Japan, Mexico, and USA.А.