On 10 April 2009, in accordance with the decision of the Working Group on Combating Terrorism, Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking (Kyiv, 3-4 March 2009), the first GUAM VLEC/IIMS video-conference held under the Georgian chairmanship with the participation of the GUAM Member States experts on protection of information, GUAM Secretariat as well as invited representatives of the US Embassy in Ukraine and DOJ ICITAP Project Office in Kyiv.

The parties exchanged information on passage of interstate procedures with regard to the Protocol to the Agreement on Cooperation among the Governments of GUUAM Participating States in the Field of Combat against Terrorism, Organized Crime and Other Dangerous Types of Crimes of the 20 July 2002, which was signed in Helsinki on 4 December 2008, agreed issues on protection of information within the communication subsystem of the GUAM IIMS (Interstate Information Management System) and well as exchanged view on organizational, financial and other related issues in connection with its equipment.