On march 18-19th 2010 in Baku took place second meeting of the Working Group on the development of road transportation routes from Europe to Afghanistan via the South Caucasus. The meeting was organized by Ministry of transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan and International Road Union.

Ministry of transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Z.Mammadov and Secretary General of IRU Mr. M.Marmi as well as the representatives of the respective organizations from GUAM Member-States, the USA, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. Kirghizia and international organizations UNECE, OSCE, and ТRАСЕCА took part in its work. Mr. S.Temirov – GUAM Secretariat Program coordinator took part in the work of workshop.

Participants discussed options possible delivery options of cargoes from Europe to Afghanistan through South Caucasus and have visited and were informed about infrastructure of international port of Baku.