GUAM is an effective regional format that can and should play an important, constructive role in the formation of this strategically important region as a zone of stability, security and cooperation. From an exclusive interview for the Ukrainian Bureau of News Agency Report.

Report’s Ukrainian bureau was told by the Secretary General of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development – GUAM Altai Efendiev.

“GUAM is an important interstate instrument of regional cooperation and should play an effective role in the formation of this strategically important space as a zone of cooperation, stability and security. Everything will depend on how much the GUAM countries, and international community, will take advantage of this, “A.Efendiev said.

He stressed that, Member States, cooperating and implementing joint projects and initiatives, develop national economies, strengthen their independence and, thus, contribute to regional stability and security.

“They seek to build their relations on fundamentally different bases, do not threaten anyone, they are open and interested in cooperation with all who share these principles and goals”, the Secretary General added.

Interview of GUAM Secretary General Altai Efendiev for Agency ‘Report’

According to A.Efendiev, the territory of the GUAM countries is a multicultural space with a rich history of interethnic, religious, cultural relations, which are common property and wealth.

“It is very important to preserve and develop these relationships.Today, when there are outbreaks of violence and hatred in the world on racial, ethnic, religious grounds – the propaganda of tolerance, the harmonious coexistence of peoples and cultures acquire special urgency and are no less important spheres of international cooperation”, he said.

Speaking about the presence of conflicts in the territories of GUAM Member States, the Secretary General stressed that conflicts and violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity are the main problem for our countries and a serious obstacle to economic development and international cooperation.

“Therefore, political interaction is one of the most important and aimed primarily at providing favorable internal and external conditions for fruitful regional cooperation and the implementation of important regional projects and initiatives”, said A. Efendiev.

He particularly noted the principled and solidary position, as well as the mutual support of the GUAM Member States in this matter. “This makes our voice more weighty”, the Secretary General added.

According to him, the efforts in the framework of political interaction are aimed primarily at bringing to the world community the common concern of Member States about the serious risks and threats that these conflicts represent, both for the countries of the region and for international stability and security.

“To this end, we use all international forums and platforms and other opportunities, and it is in this context that recent speeches at the UN Security Council, the OSCE Permanent Council and other similar initiatives should be considered. Undoubtedly, the draft resolution of the UN General Assembly on ” Protracted conflicts in the GUAM area and their implications for international peace, security and development, which the GUAM countries rendered to the UN General Assembly is an important and regular joint initiative”, Efendiev stressed.

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Kyiv. 7 September.REPORT.AZ