The Heads of State of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Republic ofMoldova and Ukraine,

Guided by the purposes and principles, enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, universally recognized norms and principles of international law, provisions of the fundamental documents of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the Yalta Charter and the Chisinau and the Kyiv Declarations of GUAM,

Proceeding from adherence to democratic values and aspirations advance further on the way to European and Euroatlantic integration,

Emphasizing the ever growing role of regional cooperation based on mutual respect of the sovereign rights of the states in Pan-European integration processes,

Stressing that such cooperation facilitates advancement of democracy, strengthening of regional and international security and deepening of economic and commercial ties,

Reaffirming the necessity to respect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and internationally recognized borders of states, as one of the pillars of maintenance of international security,

Reaffirming also the necessity to develop democracy and respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms, including persons belonging to national or ethnic minorities, with the purposes of maintaining peace and security, strengthening the spirit of tolerance, ascertaining values, of cultural diversity and peaceful co­existence of various ethnic communities within the internationally recognized borders of states,

Recognizing that unresolved conflicts and illegal military presence on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova undermine the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of these states, impede implementation of full-scale democratic reforms and achievement of sustainable development, jeopardize regional security, negatively impact pan-European integration processes and challenge the entire international community, Expressing deep concern with regard to increasing security threats emerging from conflict zones, including international terrorism, aggressive separatism, extremism, organized crime and other related dangerous phenomena,

Being deeply concerned of continuing people’s sufferings resulting from conflicts and their destructive consequences,

Drawing attention of the international community to the need of conflict-affected states for assistance in restoration of the infrastructure destroyed by military action,

Reaffirming that the root causes of conflicts are multi-faceted by their character and therefore, require comprehensive, complex and stepwise approach to their settlement,

Acknowledging the necessity to intensify conflict settlement efforts and calling upon the states and international and regional arrangements and institutions to further facilitate, within their competence, the processes of settlement of conflicts in the GUAM area,

  1. Declare that settlement of conflicts on the territories of the GUAM States shall be carried out exclusively on the basis of respect to sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of internationally recognized borders of these states, and is one of the priority objectives of cooperation withinGUAM.
  2. Stress that the territory of a state may not be a subject of acquisition or military occupation, resulting from the threat or use of force in breach of the relevant norms of international law. No territorial acquisitions and the resulting self-declared entities may be recognized as legal under any circumstances whatsoever.
  3. Remind in this regard about the obligation of states of non-interference with the affairs of any other state and non-exertion of military, political, economic or any other pressure thereupon.
  4. Underscore the lack of prospects and malignancy of separatism and disintegration, the incompatibility of the use of force and the practice of ethnic cleansing and territorial seizures with the universal and European values, the principles and ideals of peace, democracy, stability and regional cooperation.
  5. Stress in this context the importance of consolidation of efforts of the GUAM States and the international community to settle conflicts on their territories by means of re-integration of uncontrolled territories into the states that they are part of, return of forcibly displaced population to the areas of permanent residency and ensuring peaceful coexistence of various ethnic groups within the internationally recognized borders of the states, development of civil society, restoration of destroyed infrastructure on these territories, and also, use of communications to the benefit of all parties.
  6. Especially emphasize the importance of demilitarization of conflict zones and establishment of security in these zones with the help of multinational peacemaking forces deployed therein under UN or OSCE auspices for providing conditions for return of population and peaceful coexistence of ethnic communities.
  7. Believe that the status of self-rule for the communities constituting the population of uncontrolled territories that will create the necessary conditions for effective exercise of their rights to equal participation in administration of state affairs, including through formation of legitimate regional authorities at all levels, can be determined exclusively within the legal and democratic process.
  8. Welcome the efforts of international community and stress the importance of providing support to GUAM States in the development and implementation of a comprehensive and consistent strategy for conflict settlement based on the above mentioned principles, including short-term and long-term measures aimed at the achievement and maintenance of lasting peace, security and sustainable development.
  9. Entrust the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs with the task to develop concrete measures and steps with the purpose of implementation of provisions of this Declaration.

Kyiv, 23 May, 2006