The GUAM Parliamentary Assembly and the Baltic Assembly adopted this Joint Statement within the participation in the Ninth session of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly, held in Baku, the Republic of Azerbaijan, on December 15, 2016.

The participants welcomed the positive dynamics in the development of traditionally good relations and expanded dialogue between the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly and the Baltic Assembly. This cooperation has demonstrated its ability to contribute to the promotion of common goals and principles, in particular, in response to new threats and challenges in the GUAM region, which undermine peace, security and development at the regional and global levels.

The participants confirmed their strong commitment to strictly follow the generally recognized norms and principles of international law, the UN Charter, the provisions of the main documents of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the provisions of the statutory documents of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly and the Baltic Assembly.

The participants expressed deep concern about the ongoing conflicts in the GUAM region. They stressed that the protracted conflicts in the GUAM region represent the main threat to regional and international security. The participants reaffirmed their commitment to the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of the internationally recognized borders of all states in both regions.

The participants assessed the existing relations of an expanded partnership between the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly and the Baltic Assembly as a common achievement and stressed their intention to continue working together for promoting common goals and values.

The participants also expressed their conviction that the ongoing cooperation between the Parliamentary Assembly of GUAM and the Baltic Assembly will contribute to the settlement of conflicts in the GUAM region and confirmed their readiness to continue to work together to this end.

The participants noted the importance of preparing joint projects and cooperation programs, launching joint initiatives of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly and the Baltic Assembly in order to strengthen inter-parliamentary cooperation.

The participants reaffirmed their support for the goals and principles set out in the previously adopted joint documents of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly and the Baltic Assembly.

The participants reaffirmed the high importance of parliamentary cooperation between the Baltic Assembly and the GUAM PA.

In this regard, the participants defined the following priorities for cooperation between the two organizations for 2017-2019:

  • Cooperation of law enforcement institutions to fight cross-border crime, including the fight against human trafficking;
  • Strengthening regional security and strategic communication;
  • Exchange of experience in the field of labour market and labour mobility;
  • Creation of a research and innovation space;
  • Comprehensive approach to the energy market, transport and infrastructure;
  • Exchange of experience regarding the EU membership campaign organization;
  • Exchange of views on common environmental challenges in the Baltic and GUAM regions;
  • Health and safety regulations at work;
  • Exchange of best practices and experiences in the field of culture and tourism.

The participants expressed their sincere gratitude to the Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the excellent organization of this meeting and the traditional hospitality extended to the delegations during their stay in Baku.

December 15, 2016, Baku, the Republic of Azerbaijan.