The Organization for Democracy and Economic Development – GUAM, hereinafter referred to as GUAM, and the Southeast European Law Enforcement Center, hereinafter referred to as SELEC,

Jointly referred to as “the Parties” or individually as “Party”;

Guided by the goals and objectives of the Parties;

Recognizing their mutual interest in developing closer regional cooperation;

Bearing in mind the importance of further strengthening this cooperation between the Parties within the field of their competences;

Having in mind that GUAM is an international regional organization which promotes inter alia law enforcement cooperation between GUAM member states within strategic goal to create a common space of integration and safety, strengthening international and regional security and stability,

Acknowledging that SELEC is a law enforcement organization which facilitates the fast exchange of information between law enforcement agencies, and coordinates regional operations putting together the resources of its member states in order to combat trans-border organized crime;

HAVE agreed on the following:

Article 1 Areas of cooperation

Whenever desirable for the development of their activities in fields of mutual concern, GUAM and SELEC may each seek the other’s cooperation where they are able to assist in the development of such activities.

Such activitie