The 12th Meeting Of The Working Subgroup On Combating Terrorism (WGSCT) And The 14th Meeting Of The Working Subgroup On Combating Drug Trafficking (WGSDT) Took Place In Kyiv, on the premises of GUAM Secretariat on May 13-16, 2014. Delegations of all four Members States of the Organization took part in the sessions of the above-mentioned GUAM working bodies, which were carried out under the chair of Azerbaijan, acting as the Coordinator Country.

During the WGSCT meeting, in particular, information exchange on the changes in national legislations, operative situation and activities of GUAM Members States in the sphere of prevention and combating terrorism took place.

At the session of WGSDT, the GUAM Members States delegations discussed vital issues of development of multilateral cooperation in the sphere of combating drug trafficking, including that of national legislative base and operative activities of the competent national bodies. The sides noted information provided by the Secretariat on few activities implemented jointly with the respective European Union structures within the frame of the EU “Heroin Route II – Information Networks” Project.

Participants of both GUAM SWGs noted the necessity of more active use of the potential of the GUAM Virtual Centre in the process of development of cooperation among their respective national structures.

Next meetings of the above-mentioned GUAM SWGs are planned to be held in November this year.

Back-to-back with these exercises, an on-line international Videoconference was organized on internet jointly with the Office of OSCE Projects Coordinator in Ukraine on May 15, on the topic of identification and prevention of the cross border ecological crimes. The representatives of all four Member States took part in the work of the Videoconference, as well as the OSCE Office in Vienna. International experts on that subject conducted a training seminar for ecologists and appropriate law enforcement GUAM Member States on the issues of reinforcing counter-actions and prevention of ecological crimes bearing international character.