On April 21, 2005 the Ninth meeting of the GUUAM Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs (CMFA) was held in Chisinau (the Republic of Moldova) within the framework of the GULTAM Summit of Heads of State.

Representatives of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine took part in the meeting. The meeting was also attended by the representatives of the United States of America and Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

The Council considered the progress on decisions, taken at their meeting on December 6, 2004 in Sofia, and noted with satisfaction positive results achieved in key areas of cooperation.

The Council welcomed ratification by the Parliament of Moldova of Yalta Charter, the Agreement on Establishment of Free Trade Area and Provisional Statute of the GUUAM Information Office in Kyiv.

They noted positively the preparatory process for the GUUAM Summit of Heads of State to be held on April 22, 2005 in Chisinau.

The Ministers emphasized that this meeting and the upcoming Summit, have a special significance in terms of strengthening cooperation and consolidating efforts in advancing democracy, responding to the threats and challenges to security of the GUUAM states, enhancing stability, promoting economic and social development in the region. They agreed to the following draft Summit documents: Chisinau Declaration “In the name of Democracy, Stability and Development” and Communiqué of the Summit, which were prepared by the GUUAM Committee of National Coordinators.

The Ministers paid special attention to the GUUAM parliamentary dimension and noted the importance of the Second meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly to be held in May, 2005 in Yalta (Ukraine).

The CMFA underscored the necessity to start operations of the GUUAM Information Office, now that all signatory parties have completed internal procedures of the Provisional Statute of the GUUAM Information Office, signed at the Yalta Summit in 2002.

The Ministers welcomed the Meeting of the Secretaries of the Councils of National Security and Defense of the GUUAM States, held on 16 April 2005 in Kyiv, where new areas of cooperation were discussed.

The GUUAM-USA meeting, held within the CMFA, underscored positive developments in this cooperation and relevant Statement was adopted (attached). The Ministers reiterated their vision on cooperation with third countries, sharing GUUAM objectives and international organizations, expressed at their previous meetings.

The Ministers adopted following documents of further activities of GLIUAM (attached):

  • Program of work for 2005;
  • Action Plan on development cooperation within the international organizations in Vienna for 2005;
  • Action Plan on development cooperation within the UN for 2005.

The Ministers instructed the CNC to undertake the necessary steps for implementation of the mentioned program documents.

With regard to the further development of GUUAM Free Trade Area, the Ministers urged to speed up the development of the Rules of Definition of Country of Origin of Commodities, which shall constitute an inalienable part of Agreement on Establishment of the FTA.

The Ministers expressed their gratitude to the Moldavian side for the hospitality, as well as for the good organization of the meeting.

Chisinau, 21 April 2005