The GUAM Council of Ministers of Foreign Affaires expresses its deep concern over the reported intention of the separatist regime, created in the occupied territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan, to conduct so-called “presidential elections” on 19 July 2007.

The Council stresses that the conduct of so-called “elections” represents a serious violation of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan as well as relevant norms and principles of the international law. These “elections” shall be considered as null and void, and their results can not have any legal consequences.

The GUAM Council stresses that such an act shall not mislead the international community, since it runs contrary to the universally recognized standards and values of democracy, rule of law and human rights. This illegal act is aimed at creating a fait accompli situation in the conflict settlement, thus affecting negatively the ongoing peace negotiation process.

Legal elections can be held in the Nagorno-Karabakh region only after its re-integration into political, legal, social and economic system of the Republic of Azerbaijan, its full rehabilitation, return of displaced persons to the places of their permanent residence, restoration of transport communications and ensuring the peaceful co-existence and cooperation between the Armenian and Azerbaijani communities in this region.

The GUAM Council of Ministers of Foreign Affaires calls on the international community to unequivocally condemn such an illegal act and to support the ongoing efforts aimed at finding a peaceful resolution of the conflict on the basis of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan within its internationally recognized borders.

9 July 2007