On 30th March 2011 in GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv took place summation and award ceremony of the First International Award “Best GUAM Banks-2010” organized by Organization for Democracy and Economic Development – GUAM together with International Publishing House “KBS-Izdat” (Ukraine). The main goal of the event was definition of the best banks working in GUAM space in the several nominations. 73 Banks took part in contest, 11 Banks and Bankers got Award.

The representatives of Central Banks, Bank Associations, Banks of GUAM member states, as well as representatives of ministries and institutions of Ukraine, diplomatic missions accredited in Ukraine, and representatives of media participated in award ceremony.

Earlier the same day in GUAM Secretariat was held the open session of Coordination Council of National Banks and Bank Associations of GUAM member states and Meeting of Consulting Body for preparation of GUAM Business Council. The issues of interbank cooperation in GUAM format, development of the GUAM Free Trade Zone and new projects’ and programs’ ideas on economic cooperation in GUAM format were considered during the Meetings.