The 10th meeting of the Working Group on Emergency situations (WGEMERG) took place in Kyiv on May 30, 2014. The Meeting was attended by the representatives of national bodies on emergency situations of GUAM Member States and the Secretariat.

The Delegations exchanged information on the activities and events of GUAM Member States in the sphere of prevention and reaction on emergency situations, cooperation with other states and international organizations.

In particular, the Sides exchanged information on the implementation of training exercises as well as on the capacities of national structures on reaction on emergency situations.

WGEMERG considered and adopted Report on implementation of the Working Plan for 2013 and its Working Plan for 2014.

The Sides agreed that the next meeting of WGEMERG would be convened in Kyiv in November 2014 in GUAM Secretariat while its particular date would be defined via diplomatic channels.