On 5 October 2009, the 3rd meeting of the GUAM Working Sub-Group on Combating Terrorism (WGSCT) took place in Baku under the chairmanship of the Azerbaijan Party.

WGSCT took note of the information of the GUAM Member States’ representatives on counter-terrorism measures of law-enforcement agencies on the territories of the GUAM Member States; considered the state of the implementation of the appropriate measures envisaged in the 2009 Action Plan of the GUAM Working Group on Combating Terrorism, Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking; agreed GUAM proposals to the new Framework GUAM-USA Program’s Project on “Combating Terrorism: Regional Interaction and Security”; and discussed issues of on-going cooperation.

The next WGSCT meeting is planned for the first half of 2010 in the GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv