The Heads of States of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine,

Guided by the goals and the principles of the United Nations Charter, the founding documents of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and of GUUAM, its Yalta Charter in particular,

Confirming the commitment of the GUUAM states to the European norms and values and their aspirations toward European integration,

Stressing the growing role of regional cooperation within the pan-European processes based on mutual respect for the sovereign rights of states, and emphasizing that such cooperation contributes to the development of democracy, aiming to strengthen security and stability, economic prosperity, cultural and social development,

Aspiring to assert democratic values in all areas of governance and civil society, strictly observing human rights, strengthening the spirit of trust, tolerance and supremacy of law in internal and international affairs,

Expressing deep concern over the continuing crises and increasing risks to security, particularly threats of international terrorism, aggressive separatism, extremism and related negative phenomena,

Emphasizing the fact that unresolved conflicts in some of the GUUAM states undermine their sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence, complicate the full-scale implementation of democratic reforms and the economic development of the region, impact adversely on European integration process, and pose a challenge to the international community,

Welcoming the enlargement of the European Union, and expressing readiness for closer cooperation based on European norms and standards,

Highlighting the openness of GUUAM to other countries and organizations sharing the same principles and goals,

  1. Declare their commitment to the principles of democracy, rule of law and respect for human rights and freedoms, democratic stability and development of economic cooperation among the GUUAM states in the interest of their peoples.
  2. Confirm the need for further strengthening and enhancement of cooperation of states to counteract international terrorism and extremism and such related negative phenomena as illicit drug trafficking, transnational organized crime, human trafficking, illegal migration, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, illegal arms trade, money laundering and corruption, to implement the Declaration’s provisions on concerted efforts to provide stability and security in the region and the Agreement on cooperation among the Governments of the GUUAM member states in the area of fighting terrorism, organized crime and other dangerous crimes.
  3. Express their firm determination to make a joint contribution to sustaining peace and stability, affirm their intention to establish military and political cooperation, including peacekeeping operations.
  4. Stress the futility and destructiveness of separatism and disintegration, incompatibility of the use of force, ethnic cleansing and territorial seizures with the European experience and values, which, in particular, include ethnical and cultural diversity. They underline the importance of intensifying the concerted efforts by GUUAM states and the international community in resolving the Transnistria problem and the conflicts in Azerbaijan and Georgia on the basis of norms and principles of international law, by reintegrating uncontrolled territories into the states, of which they are a part, and ensuring that various ethnic groups live together in peace within internationally recognized borders of states.
  5. Stress the importance of the Istanbul OSCE Summit in 1999 and appeal to all the OSCE states to undertake all the efforts for the realization by Russia of the approved commitments regarding the entire exclusion of the Russian troops and munitions from the Republic of Moldova and Georgia.
  6. Pledge to support the peaceful initiatives and processes aiming at the resolution of the existing conflicts. In this context they welcome the recent proposals, the peace plan presented by the President of Georgia for South-Ossetia autonomy, the continuing of the “Prague process” of negotiations within the OSCE Minsk group, as well as the appearing during the GUUAM Summit of the proposals of the President of Ukraine and the President of Romania concerning solving of the Transnistrian problem.
  7. Confirm the policy of deepening European integration of the GUUAM states, establishing partner relationships with the European Union and NATO with the purpose of creating a common security space, economic and transport cooperation, and declare their intention to closely cooperate in these areas. Confirm the intention to continue mutually beneficial cooperation with the USA and to develop the closest relations with organizations and states sharing these principles and goals of GUUAM.
  8. Call for the soonest possible implementation of the Agreement on establishing a free trade area, the use of the transit potential, such as reliable supply of energy carriers, efficient and safe operation of transport corridors, which will facilitate the strengthening of European integration and the provision of international security, the development of trade and economic relations along East-West routes, improvement of transport communication infrastructure in the strategically important GUUAM region.
  9. Stress the need for energy cooperation within GUUAM, in particular intensifying efforts to implement joint programs and projects, on the basis of their commercial profitability, to transport energy resources of the Caspian region to the European energy market, using of the territories of the participating states.
  10. Call for strengthening cooperation on humanitarian issues, in particular in tourism, healthcare, education, culture and sport.
  11. To attain the goals of the Yalta Charter of GUUAM and those of the present Declaration, bearing in mind the importance of economic and social development, the formation of an area of democratic stability and security in the GUUAM region, and to impart a fresh impetus to our cooperation, declare their intention to set up, on the basis of GUUAM, a regional organization, which has the goal of development and democracy.
  12. The Presidents assigned the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Union to elaborate on the relevant issues and present coordinated proposals.