Extract from the Concept

4.3.11. Information Security Policy

The information security policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan consists of implementing a set of measures aimed at protecting state, public and private information resources, as well as protecting national interests in the information sphere.

In order to ensure national security in the information sphere, the Republic of Azerbaijan develops and strengthens the national system in the field of information protection, as well as state information resources and information infrastructure.

One of the main issues in this sector of national security is the harmonization of capabilities and increasing the effectiveness of intelligence and counterintelligence, as well as the coordination of the protection of classified information. The Republic of Azerbaijan will enhance the capabilities of national intelligence and counterintelligence and continue to improve activities related to the protection of information classified as state secret.

In order to regulate information security, legal mechanisms for the protection of information constituting state secrets are improved and freedom of information is ensured. Legal and administrative mechanisms will ensure the rights of citizens and democratic control over the activities of state structures.