On 22 November 2010 interagency meeting on issues of GUAM cooperation took place in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine with the participation of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Mr. O.Gorin, representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, ministries and respective institutions of Ukraine, GUAM Secretary General Mr. V.Chechelashvili and representatives of GUAM Secretariat.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Mr. O.Gorin addressed the meeting; he stated the basic approaches of Ukraine on cooperation in the framework of Organization and provided participants information on implementation of Action Plan of Ukraine’s Presidency in GUAM.

Representatives of the Secretariat informed participants about the goals and objectives of Organization, perspectives of cooperation in “GUAM” and “GUAM+” formats as well as realization of programs and projects of cooperation in different fields. Representatives of respective Ukrainian ministries and institutions presented their vision on development of cooperation in GUAM and interaction with external partners.

Participants outlined effectiveness of the meeting and agreed to conduct it on regular basis.