On March 3, 2016, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Turkmenistan to Ukraine, Mr. N. Amanmuradov, received the Secretary General of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development, Mr. A. Efendiev.

During the meeting, which took place in an open and friendly atmosphere, the Parties exchanged information concerning the processes occurring in the region, and also about projects of regional importance, which are being implemented in the countries of the Black Sea-Caspian Sea region.

The Parties noted the importance of new positive developments occurring in the region, as well as new initiatives that offers wide opportunities for inter-regional cooperation.

The SG provided information on issues regarding to priority areas of cooperation, particularly concerning the implementation of transport and energy corridors. In this relation, he also noted that there are emerging prospects for those Central Asian states, whose territories are located along the territories of the transit routes, and also in relation to them also being exporters of energy sources.

The Parties both expressed interest in continuing dialogue.