On July 5, 2011, the tenth meeting of the GUAM Working Group on Tourism (via videoconference) took place at the GUAM Secretariat with the participation of representatives of tourism administrations, tourist operators, Ministries for Foreign Affairs, the Embassies of the GUAM member states and the GUAM Secretariat.

Participants of the meeting discussed the preparations being made for the FAM Trip for interested representatives of Japanese tourist agencies (July 18-29, 2011). Apart from that, participants of the WGTOUR meeting discussed the main issues to be addressed in the press tour for interested representatives of the Japanese mass media.

Delegations received information on participation in the JATA World Travel Fair 2011 exhibition (to be held in Tokyo on September 28 to October 1, 2011).

The Sides agreed to hold the next meeting of WGTOUR in September 2011. The date and venue of the meeting will be made known through the appropriate diplomatic channels.