Priorities of the Chairmanship of the Republic of Moldova during the GUAM Chairmanship 2018:

– ensuring the functioning of the GUAM Free Trade Area with the prospect of transforming GUAM into a favorable investment platform;

– activation of sectoral interaction in key areas such as the economy, transport, energy, energy security, tourism, internal affairs based on the Action Plan for the development of sectoral cooperation;

– capitalization of the existing transport and transit potential of the GUAM by boosting the activities of working groups and ensuring the interconnection of regional structures; taking necessary actions for the implementation of Development Concept for the GUAM Transport Corridor for the purpose of developing relevant Action Plan;

– increasing the level of cooperation and information exchange in education, science, research and innovation, including by capitalizing of the opportunities offered by the GUAM-Japan, GUAM-US, GUAM-Visegrad cooperation platforms;

– strengthening the political dialogue by organizing high level meetings (CMFA, CNC, PM, PA GUAM) in Chisinau and promoting the draft collective resolution on frozen conflicts in the GUAM area at the next session of the UN General Assembly;

– strengthening and expanding international cooperation in the format GUAM+, in particular with the EU and the OSCE; promoting constructive dialogue with «traditional» partners – the United States, Japan and the Visegrad Group;

– reorganizing and streamlining the activity of sectoral cooperation working groups.

Full Program of the Chairmanship of the Republic of Moldova in GUAM for 2018 (pdf, in Russian)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Moldova