On 23-24th November 2010 the 20th Meeting of Council of GUAM National Coordinators (CNC GUAM) took place in GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv with the participation of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Mr. A.O. Gorin, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. A.Azimov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Mr. D.Djalagania, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Moldova in Ukraine Mr. I.Stavila, GUAM Secretary General Mr. V.Chechelashvili.

CNC considered current cooperation issues of Organization, political interaction, inter-parliamentary and sector cooperation among the GUAM member states, cooperation of GUAM with other countries and organizations.

CNC furthered regular exchange of opinions on issues of protracted conflicts in the GUAM area, supported the initiative of Georgia on advancement of the resolution on cooperation between GUAM and United Nations Organization and endorsed projects of Plans of interaction between diplomatic representatives of GUAM member states to other international organizations.

CNC brought to the attention of Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of GUAM (CMFA) the coordinated propositions on candidatures of the countries-coordinators in GUAM sectoral working groups for 2011-2012 and considered issues of branch cooperation and activities of GUAM working bodies.

CNC supported propositions on development of the functioning modalities of the Working body for coordinating actions of Contracting Sides on implementation of provisions of the Agreement on Establishment of Free Trade Area between the GUUAM Participating States (July 20th, 2002), the Project of Rules of determination of the country of goods’ origin of GUAM member states according to WTO standards, initiative of «Investment forum», the next Meeting of GUAM Business Council and «GUAM Best Bank – 2010» award.

CNC positively assessed joint participation of GUAM-Japan tourist product developers in World Trade Fair (Tokyo, 24-26 September 2010), preparation for the next seminar on tourist issues for GUAM by Japanese Side and Working Group on tourism plans for organization of info- and press tours for interested touristic agencies and mass-media representatives of Japan.

CNC outlined effectiveness of Working Group on Combating Terrorism, Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking and its working subgroups, inter alia implementation of joint operations of law enforcement agencies of GUAM member states codenamed „Narcostop-2010” and “Perehvat – 2010”, development of the “GUAM Information Bulletin” and exchange of data on a criminality condition in GUAM member states, intentions to create mechanism of the GUAM Virtual Center for profound operative cooperation between law-enforcement and other competent bodies of GUAM member states, conclusion of 2nd stage of the project of the GUAM-USA Framework Program on modernization of national segments GUAM VLEC, etc.

CNC endorsed Report on the implementation of the 2010 Working Plan of Working Group on Emergencies (WGMRG) and its Working Plan on 2011 and recommended to CMFA to adopt the resolution on establishing of Joint Commission on cooperation in the field of prevention of emergencies and elimination of their effects. CNC took note of working process on organization of GUAM-Japan joint workshop in the field of prevention of emergencies as well as participation of national bodies on emergency situations and border departments of GUAM member states in realization of Flagship Initiative of the Eastern Partnership “Prevention of, preparedness for, and response to natural and man-made disasters” and “Integrated Management of Borders”.

CNC discussed issues on perspectives of GUAM cooperation with USA, Japan, Visegrad Group countries, committed Baltic and Scandinavian countries and other international organizations.

In the margins of CNC Meeting on 24th November 2010 the special ceremony of signing contract between GUAM and supplier company on delivery of devices of cryptographic protection of information in communication channels of GUAM VLEC also took place.

CNC considered issues and coordinated projects of respective documents of 13th Meeting of CMFA to be held in the margins of OSCE Summit (Astana, 1-2nd December, 2010).