On 15 November 2010, in the GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv, the 4th meeting of the Working Group on Emergencies (WGEMRG) was held under the Ukrainian chairmanship with the participation of the representatives of national agencies on emergencies, the GUAM Secretariat and invited representatives of Japan and the Republic of Poland.

WGEMRG was furnished with the country-coordinator’s Report on the fulfillment of the 2010 Working Plan, considered the course of the implementation of the Joint Action Plan for 2010-2011 on the implementation of the Agreement among the Governments of GUUAM Participating States on Cooperation in the Field of Prevention of Emergencies and Elimination of their Effects of 4th July 2003 (the 2003 Agreement) and the Cooperation Plan in the Field of Education and Training of Personnel, analyzed the adherence of the Rules of Exchange of Information between the GUAM member states in case of emergency that was approved at the 3rd WGEMRG meeting in March 2010, as well as agreed upon the WGEMRG Working Plan for 2011.

The complex of issues on formation and conduct of GUAM member states’ common policy, harmonization and improvement of legislation, development of legal basis of cooperation as well as GUAM member states international cooperation, including that one related to their interaction within other international organizations, were also discussed.

Special attention was drawn to the coordination and improvement of interaction among the GUAM member states. WGEMRG agreed upon the Draft GUAM Council of Ministers for Foreign Affairs Decision on establishing Joint Commission on cooperation in the field of prevention of emergencies and elimination of their effects as well as decided to continue discussion on establishing National Coordination Centers of the Parties of the 2003 Agreement.

WGEMRG herd information of the Presiding Party in GUAM, the GUAM Secretariat, and the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine on the organization and carrying out GUAM/Japan joint workshop as well as discussed organizational issues in connection with the GUAM member states’ participation in a future project of the Eastern Partnership Flagship Initiative “Prevention of, preparedness for, and response to natural and man-made disasters”.

The sides agreed to forward, before the next regular meeting of the GUAM Council of National Coordinators, their proposals on the candidature of the WGEMRG country-coordinator for the period 2011-2012.

The next WGEMRG meeting is planned to hold in the GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv in March-April 2011.