On December 17-18, 2014, the 21st Meeting of the GUAM TTF Steering Committee took place in the city of Odessa, Ukraine. This event involved representatives of GUAM member-states and the GUAM Secretariat.

Participants in the meeting adopted the agenda for the 21st meeting of the TTF Steering Committee and considered issues regarding the implementation of the Trade and Transport Facilitation Project in ODED-GUAM member-states, about agreeing on the text of the Protocol between the customs authorities of GUAM member-states regarding the mutual recognition of individual results of customs control of trade and transport facilitation between the customs authorities of GUAM member-states, and also about the Protocol between GUAM member-states’ customs authorities on exchanging preliminary information on facilitating trade and transport of goods across GUAM member-states’ borders. Participants in the meeting listened to information from the Azerbaijan side about implementing, at the national level, a project regarding the methodology of the International Customs Service “Time Release Study”.

The next meeting of the GUAM TTF Steering Committee will held in the Republic of Azerbaijan in the first half of 2015. The date and venue of the meeting will be agreed upon through diplomatic channels.