On December 4, 2008 the 3rd GUAM Council of Ministers for Foreign Affairs – Japan meeting was held in Helsinki, Finland, within the framework of the OSCE 16th Ministerial Council Meeting.

Both sides welcomed GUAM – Japan interaction following the GUAM – Japan Ministerial meeting in Batumi on July 1, 2008 within the framework of the Third GUAM Summit and reaffirmed their strong intention to continue and strengthen GUAM – Japan dialogue and cooperation.

The sides exchanged views on various issues of mutual interest, including energy, transit and transportation, environmental protection, trade and investment, and tourism. Both sides underlined the perspectives and potential of the GUAM region and the importance of Japan’s support and assistance in developing GUAM Transportation Corridor.

The Japanese side reiterated Japan’s proposal to organize in Tokyo in February 2009 a workshop on trade and investment promotion for high level experts of GUAM Member States. Both sides expressed the intention to jointly prepare for the workshop.

The sides decided to hold next GUAM-Japan meeting, on the level of GUAM National Coordinators in Tokyo in February 2009. The exact date of the meeting will be agreed through diplomatic channels.