20 April 2021, the 4th Meeting of the Working Subgroup on Science and Innovation was held by videoconference, in which representatives of relevant departments and the GUAM Secretariat took part.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Strategic Industries of Ukraine O. Uruskyy spoke at the meeting. He presented the possibilities of Ukraine as a coordinating country for cooperation between the GUAM Member States in science and innovation, as well as proposed to create a regulatory and information base for joint scientific and innovative activities in order to efficiently using the scientific potential.

The working subgroup also took into account the information of the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine R. Leshchenko on the priorities of the reconstituted ministry and the opportunities that are open for the GUAM Member States for cooperating in such areas, as ensuring the production of high-quality products, developing competitive markets of agricultural products and developing market infrastructure, etc.

The prospects for cooperation between the StateGeoCadastre services of the GUAM Member States, as well as directions of developing possibly cooperation in bioeconomics of health, were discussed at the meeting.