On 17 February 2011 in the GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv, the 5th Meeting of the Working Group on Emergencies (WGEMRG) was held with participation of representatives of national agencies on emergencies, GUAM Secretariat and the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine.

Working Group discussed process of preparation to GUAM-Japan Disaster Management Workshop. Participants favored further development cooperation with Japan, in particular, in response to natural and technogenic disasters, chemical, biological and radiological threats.

Working Group also considered course of fulfillment of the Joint Action Plan for 2010-2011 on the implementation of the Agreement among the Governments of GUUAM Participating States on Cooperation in Emergencies Prevention and Elimination of its Effects from 4 July, 2003, the Exchange Information Rules on Natural and Technogenic Disasters, and the Plan of Cooperation in Education and Personnel Training.

WGEMRG was furnished with information on implementation process of the Eastern Partnership Flagship Initiative “Prevention of, Preparedness for, and Response to Natural and Man-Made Disasters” and GUAM member states’ participation.
Regarding contemporary threats of technologic terrorism, the advisability of comprehensive inter-agency approach was underlined to prevent this kind of emergencies and eliminate its effect.

Following the outcomes of the Meeting the Protocol was signed.

The next WGEMRG Meeting is scheduled on 4th quarter 2011 in the GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv.