The GUAM Working Sub-Group on Legal Statistics held its 5th session o the premises of the Secretariat in Kyiv on March 13-14, 2014. According to the agenda of the meeting, the Delegations discussed few vital issues of international law enforcement cooperation among the Member States.

In particular, a productive exchange of opinions took place on the issues of efficiency increase and methodology improvements in the sphere of combating crime in the GUAM Member States.

The Parties have continued a constructive dialogue regarding development of the “GUAM Project in the sphere of legal statistics”, the concept of which was approved at the 4th meeting of WGSTAT. In the outcome of the discussions, the Group has adopted the draft Concept and entitled the Secretariat with the task of setting up the above mentioned Project.

During the meeting the delegations have also discussed the issue of the eventual experience sharing in the frame of the South East Law Enforcement Centre (SELEC) regarding creation of the common data bank on combating crime. In this connection the Parties agreed to additionally clarify their position on the aforesaid issue.

The next meeting is scheduled to be in March, 2015.