On March 12-13, 2012 in GUAM Secretariat under the Chairmanship of the Azerbaijan was held the 6th meeting of the Working group on Energy with participation of the respective departments of GUAM member states and GUAM Secretariat.

The Sides discussed the results of the seminar on the energy security that was organized by the Japanese side for GUAM member-states experts (January15-23, 2012, Japan) and have pointed out that the seminar was held on the high professional level and covered the whole range of issues of the agenda in the sphere of energy security.

The participants of the meeting presented their projects on the energy security on the basis of the experience that they had gained on the seminar.

The Sides have considered the possibility of holding the business forum in the sphere of energetics in order to identify new perspective projects in the sphere of energetics in “GUAM” and “GUAM+” formats with participation of the representatives of business communities and leading energy companies of GUAM member states.

The Sides have agreed to hold the next meeting of the Working group at the level of Heads of respective institutes, responsible for the development of energetics in GUAM member states. Date and place of meeting will be agreed through diplomatic channels.