On June 8-9, 2011, the GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv, Ukraine hosted the 7th meeting of the Working Sub-Group on Combating Trafficking in Persons and Illegal Migration (WGS-TIP), which was held under the Moldovan chairmanship.

Participating delegations exchanged information about the development of national legislation, the operational situation, and measures being taken in terms of preventing and combating human trafficking and illegal migration.

The Working Sub-Group on Combating Corruption and Money Laundering (WGS-CML) considered the issue of developing bilateral and multilateral cooperation, including the need to accelerate the exchange of information at the operational level, as well as discussing possibilities of broadening direct channels between the competent institutions of the GUAM member states.

WGS-TIP reached an agreement on conducting joint measures with respect to combating human trafficking and illegal migration “Perekhvat- 2011” (Interception-2011).

The delegations discussed the actual conditions and prospects in terms of developing and promoting interaction with other international and non-governmental organisations.

WGS-CML decided in favour of the strengthening of regional cooperation, particularly in the Black Sea region and in both Eastern and Southern Europe.

The outcomes of the meeting were reflected in the resultant Protocol. It is planned that the next meeting of the WGS-TIP will take place in October-November 2011.