On 24th February 2011 8th Meeting of GUAM Working Group on Tourism took place in Tokyo, Japan with the participation of tourism administrations, tour operators of GUAM member states, representatives of Japanese Side and GUAM Secretariat.

Participants of the Meeting expressed gratitude to Japanese Side for initiating and organization of JICA seminar on tourism (13-26 February, Tokyo) for tour operators and representatives of tourist administrations of GUAM member states on high level and for active assistance in promotion of GUAM joint tourist product at the Japanese market.

Participants of the Meeting emphasized that all points of the GUAM-Japan joint tourist product implementation Action Plan, adopted on 5th WGTOUR Meeting at the level of the Heads of respective institutions (24-25 June 2010, Baku) are either fully or almost implemented.

Participants of the Meeting, in light of above-mentioned, agreed to recommend country-coordinator in Working Group (Georgia) to consider possibility of organization of the next, 9th Meeting of WGTOUR at the level of the Heads of respective institutions responsible for development of tourism in GUAM member states, in order to elaborate and adopt new Action Plan which will further guide development of GUAM-Japan Joint tourist product.

Next Meeting of Working Group will take place in 2nd quarter of 2011 in Georgia. Date of the next Meeting will be agreed through diplomatic channels.