On December 4-5, 2012, the Secretariat in Kyiv hosted the 8th meeting of the GUAM Working Group on Emergencies (WGEMRG).
The delegations exchanged information on the measures taken by GUAM member states in terms of preventing and responding to disasters, including changes in national legislation, as well as on cooperation with other states and international organizations.

The Working Group considered a number of actual directions of interaction. In particular, the parts expressed their interest in exchange of expertise in responding to possible disasters on LNG- terminals infrastructure. The delegations also discussed issues of personnel education and training in GUAM member states’ specialized institutions.
The Working Group took the Report on its activities in 2012 and agreed the relevant Plan for 2013.

The outcomes of the meeting were reflected in the resultant Protocol. The next meeting of the Working Group is scheduled to take place in April 2013.