On December 6-7, 2012, the GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv hosted the Working Meeting on Nuclear, Radiological, Chemical and Biological Terrorism Threat Prevention.

The delegations exchanged information on the national legislation and measures taken by GUAM member states. Issues of inter-agency cooperation management were considered, including levels of detection and prevention of terrorism threats; preparedness for responding to disasters, caused by the mentioned threats, and elimination of its consequences; response to nuclear and radiological terrorism threats in areas with mass concentrations of people.

The parts expressed their interest in sharing expertise in further optimization of mechanisms to combat illicit trafficking in nuclear and other radioactive materials, in particular, in consideration of the principles, worked out within the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism. Threat assessment issues, personnel education and training, operational data exchange on terrorist threats were also determined as priorities for the cooperation.

The parts stressed on the significance of the development of regional cooperation for achieving goals of international nuclear security regime.

The outcomes of the meeting were reflected in the resultant Protocol. The next Working Meeting is scheduled to take place in the first half of 2013.