The meeting of the GUAM Working Group on Economy and Trade (WGET) took place on 27-28 May 2009 in Kyiv. Representatives of the respective ministries of member states, GUAM Secretariat as well as also representatives of the US Agency for International Development took part in it’s work.Participants considered matters of cooperation in the field of economy and trade in GUAM frameworks, matters of implementation of GUAM Strategy for Sectoral Cooperation respective chapter.

The projects «Development of the Wholesale Markets of Agricultural Production in the countries GUAM, «Creation of incorporated information system GUAM in sphere of manufacture and sale agricultural production» and «Creation of agricultural consulting services in the countries GUAM» were discussed as well.

Participants were informed by the Coordinator of the WGET on the activities in the period of 2007-2008.

The next meeting of WGET will take place in Kyiv in the forth quarter of 2009.