On April 30, 2013, the GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv hosted the 9th meeting of the Working Group on Emergencies (WGEMRG), which took place under Ukraine’s chairmanship.

The delegations exchanged information on the measures taken by GUAM member states in terms of preventing and responding to disasters, as well as on cooperation with other states and international organisations, including with respect to the course of implementing the Eastern Partnership Flagship Initiative “Preventing, Preparing for, and Responding to Natural and Man-Made Disasters”.

The Working Group examined the possibilities of developing joint projects with other international partners, inter alia, with respect to disaster response in LNG and petroleum infrastructure; improving the national warning system; transport infrastructure safety; and rescue teams’ and units’ preparedness to act during mass events.

Participating delegations discussed the possibility of compiling a list of rescue teams, units and special equipment that could be offered in case of relevant emergencies.

The delegations discussed issues of personnel education and training at specialised institutions in the GUAM member states.

The Working Group examined the results of the first GUAM Working Meeting on Nuclear, Radiological, Chemical and Biological Terrorism Threat Prevention (Kyiv, December 2012), which was attended by representatives of emergency-related agencies.

The outcomes of the Working Group’s meeting were reflected in the resultant Protocol. The next meeting is scheduled to take place in November 2013.