Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear colleagues,

May I call this Conference to order.

My name is Valeri Chechelashvili, I’m Secretary General of GUAM Organization, welcome to our Secretariat.

We are very glad to welcome participants of Workshop on Nuclear Terrorism, co-organized by United Nation’s Office on Drugs and Crime, GUAM Secretariat and Antiterrorist Centre of Ukraine.

Developing four-lateral cooperation in combating organized crime, terrorism and related threats is one of the top priorities of our Organization. Later today my colleague, Project Coordinator Mr. George Nazarov will present you our respective activities. Although I have to admit, that topic of nuclear terrorism we have never elaborated on. Giving the challenges of contemporary world, proliferation of nuclear weapons, attempts of certain countries and all respective threats, it goes without saying, that topic selected for this two day workshop is timely and relevant.

I hope, that during these two days, we will listen to each other, exchange knowledge and experience, capitalize on best practices and consolidate networking efforts.

Concluding my short introductory statement, I would like to ask Mr. Walter Gehr, Chief of Counter –Terrorism Legal Services Section I, Terrorism Prevention Branch, United Nation’s Office on Drugs and Crime, to moderate our Workshop.

Anticipating interesting presentations and discussions, I want to wish success to our common endeavor.

Thank you.