The Council of Heads of State of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development – GUAM,

Guided by the Charter, declarations of the Summits and other GUAM documents,

Proceeding from the commonality of interests and objectives of the Member States in their aspiration to stand jointly against common risks and threats as well as to gradually develop a space of integration and security in the GUAM region as an integral part of all-European and Euro-Asian area,

Reaffirming adherence of the Member States to the democratic values, respect for human rights and freedoms, the rule of law, preservation of spiritual and cultural heritage of peoples and consolidation of the spirit of tolerance,

Emphasizing success in the development of GUAM during the last 10 years reflected in the Declaration of GUAM Vilnius Summit of 10 October 2007 and, especially, the results of the Azerbaijani Chairmanship, which gave a new impetus to the development of the Organization in all areas of its activities, strengthening political interaction and solidarity of the Member States as well as positions of GUAM at the international arena,

Recognizing that GUAM has become an effective mechanism of regional cooperation, which found its worthy place in all-European and Euro-Asian integration processes, as well as of promoting awareness of the international community of the interests and problems of the Member States,

Welcoming the strengthening and expansion of international links and promotion of the GUAM partnership in both European and Asian directions in accordance with the priorities of cooperation defined at the Baku Summit of 2007,

Underlining especially geopolitical location and transit potential of GUAM as a bridge between Europe and Asia, which offers unique opportunities for the development of transport and communication links and diversification of routes of delivery of energy resources, thus bringing the continents together,

Stressing that the Batumi Summit held under the motto “GUAM – Integrating Europe’s East” demonstrates adherence of the GUAM Member States to European norms and values and their aspiration to proceed along the path of European integration,

Affirming the role of GUAM as a mechanism of deepening regional, all-European and Euro-Asian integration, expanding the democratic space and promoting European values in the GUAM region, which contributes to effective approximation of Member States of GUAM and EU,

Considering the broad participation of the States and international organizations in the Batumi Summit as a sign of growing support for GUAM and its prestige,

Underlining the importance of implementation of the GUAM Strategy for Sector Cooperation Development in deepening interaction between the Member States in economic, humanitarian and law-enforcement spheres with the purpose of ensuring sustainable development, increasing the well-being and prosperity of their peoples,

Expressing deep concern about the threats caused by the protracted conflicts, aggressive separatism and extremism, international terrorism and other crimes, and confirming readiness of GUAM to stand jointly against these threats in close cooperation with international structures,

  1. Reiterates determination of GUAM to ensure respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, to assert democratic values, the rule of law, to actively contribute to ensuring international peace, security and stability.
  2. In the conditions of globalization and growing interdependence of the states of the European and Asian regions, GUAM efforts will be directed at further deepening integration processes and enhancing economic potential of the Member States. In this regard, the Member States confirm their readiness to utilize to the full extent their national potentials with the purpose of increasing attractiveness of the region and interregional significance of GUAM. The Council gives instructions to intensify the efforts for full-scale implementation of the GUAM Strategy for Sector Cooperation Development.
  3. Emphasizes the importance of implementation of the provisions of the Summit Statement on Development GUAM Transportation Corridor and the results of international conference “GUAM – Transit” (Baku, 29-30 April 2008) for the development and full-scale utilization of the Member States’ transit potential, including with the involvement of international investments and participation of partner countries.
  4. Underlines the special importance of the Kyiv Declaration on Principles of Global Energy Security adopted at the Energy Summit in Kyiv on 22-23 May 2008. The Member States will continue to actively contribute to this important global process and to support further the efforts directed at liberalizing and diversifying the European energy market. The Council welcomes the partner countries’ intention to actively participate in these commercial projects.
  5. Welcomes the establishment, during the international conference “GUAM Development Strategy” in Baku on 29-30 May 2008, of the Coordinating Council of Banking Associations of GUAM countries and calls upon the business partners to intensify cooperation in the financial sector in the GUAM region.
  6. Expresses readiness to deepen trade and economic cooperation on the basis of full-scale implementation of the agreements on Establishing the Free Trade Area, on International Multimodal Transportation of Goods, and other appropriate agreements concluded in the GUAM format with the aim to further liberalize movement of goods, services, capital, and labor, to increase the volume of transportation deliveries, to harmonize customs and border procedures, to modernize transportation infrastructure, which will contribute to economic growth, decrease of poverty level, and ensure sustainable development of the Member States. Calls upon the GUAM Member States to intensify the efforts for elaborating a common tourist project and engaging investment capacities of the GUAM partner countries for its implementation.
  7. Stresses the important role of GUAM in developing inter-communal and inter-confessional dialogue and protecting the rights of persons belonging to national minorities, strengthening mutual understanding and creating favorable conditions for cohesive development of global and regional security.
  8. Reaffirms, taking into consideration the recommendations of the international conference “Basic Principles for the Settlement of the Conflicts on the Territories of the GUAM States” held in Baku on 15-16 April 2008, its adherence to peaceful settlement of the conflicts in the GUAM region on the basis of respect for the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity, and inviolability of the internationally recognized borders of the states by means of reintegration of the uncontrolled territories into the states, which they are part of, return of forcibly displaced persons into places of their permanent residence and ensuring peaceful co-existence of different ethnic groups within the internationally recognized borders of the states, development of civil society, restoration of destroyed infrastructure on these territories as well as the use of communications for the benefit of all the parties. Underlines the necessity to continue active joint efforts towards the settlement of these conflicts and to mobilize without delay consolidated support by international community for their resolution.
  9. Expresses support for deepening European integration of the GUAM Member States and developing closer relations with the EU with due account of individual particularities and aspirations of each GUAM Member State, taking into consideration the new concept of EU relations with Eastern neighbors – “Eastern Partnership”. Stands for development of partnership relations with the interested EU Member States.
  10. Respects and supports the GUAM Member States’ freedom of choice of such a system of ensuring their national security that will correspond to the fullest extent to their national interests and promote strengthening of their sovereignty and territorial integrity.
  11. Emphasizes with satisfaction the expansion of GUAM-US partnership on implementation of new technical assistance projects in various spheres of cooperation, inter alia, with the purpose of increasing the security of the GUAM transportation corridor, and expresses the readiness of GUAM for deepening partner relations with Poland, Japan, Czech Republic, and other interested states and international organizations in elaborating and implementing joint projects.